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Whether you are into NFTs for the art, tech, or for DeFi or GameFi experience, we have something built out for everyone!


BeyondBlockchain Technology, Art and Design.

CryptoRaggies aims to create a harmonious ecosystem, exploring NFT technology beyond art and constantly adding value to the project.


Developingwith official partner.

Measure twice, cut once
Build, and they will come
Build together, grow together
Open communication and results speak for themselves
Safe. Value-Added. Growth.Cardano.

Developed by Ragsters Productions, a company registered in Singapore, a crypto-friendly and technologically advanced world leading financial centre, we are able to provide you a peace of mind like no other.

We are Visionaries

We are Trailblazers

We are CryptoRaggies

Collaboratingwith friends.

Robust Ecosystem

100% Built toSustain, Scale and Thrive.

→ Collectibles and Utilities

NFT and BeyonD

Our NFTs

The Ridiculously Cute Algorithmically Crafted NFTs on Cardano Blockchain.

Main Collection


Special Collection



→ Fair-launch Token

RaggieCoin - Official Native Token


RaggieCoin is the official currency of our ecosystem and it is used in every aspect of our project ecosystem and services to benefit our community.

Total Supply



Circular Economy

→ Game × DeFi

First full-featured Game on Cardano



The first desktop and mobile game with working wallet connection and NFT integration on Cardano.

  • Play casually or join the insanely competitive leaderboard to win fantastic prizes

  • Earn XP and convert to $RAG

  • Stake your CryptoRaggies NFT for passive $RAG yield and XP accumulation


→ Unique Light Wallet

Innovative Wallet Solution



The first light wallet with the ability to connect to native mobile apps, allowing our users to view and manage their assets and participate with the full spectrum of our ecosystem wherever they are, whichever device they are using!

→ Marketplace and Auction House

Safe, Secure, Native-Token Support



Our official marketplace and auction house built using state-of-the-art Cardano Plutus V2 smart contracts.

  • Fair and affordable trading fees

  • Always honour project royalties

  • Community-centric marketplace built for all communities


Build with us

AffordableMarketplace and MintingSolutions.


Low start-up cost

Focus on your artwork and community not the cost.

Customised to your needs

Create a unique experience for your community.

CIP-68 ready solutions

Level-up your products with the latest NFT standards.

Up-to-date, always

Launch your products with speed and safety in mind.

Deliveringthe best for our friends.


Marketplace Solution

Development cost

From USD$100 /hr

Most Popular

Smart Contract


  • Transaction Fee per NFT 1% of value per trade (Minimum of 1 ADA)
  • Management Fee USD$25/mth
  • Initial Payment USD$2,000+

Build your smart contract marketplace!

This solution is designed for community marketplaces to enable community members to list items for sale, using ADA and a range of native tokens of your choice, including your own project token!


Smart Contract Pro


  • Transaction Fee per NFT 1% of value per trade (Minimum of 1 ADA)
  • Management Fee USD$25/mth
  • Initial Payment with Audit Fee Contact Us

Choose this option and we will get your smart contract audited by a trusted third party and will closely communicate the audit process with you along the way. A full auditing report will be included.

Talk to Us

Minting Solution

Development cost

From USD$100 /hr

Most Popular

Native Script CIP-25


  • Transaction Fee per NFT 1 ADA per item minted
  • Management Fee USD$25/mth
  • Initial Payment Contact Us

Minting a collection? Look no further!

We have already partnered with multiple projects as their trusted minter. We can build a custom frontend for you and handle the mint including live support on mint day and beyond!

Advanced Minting

Smart Contract / CIP-68


  • Transaction Fee per NFT 1 ADA per item minted
  • Management Fee USD$25/mth
  • Initial Payment Contact Us

If your collection requires advanced minting options such as Plutus minting policy or CIP-68 NFTs requiring a holding smart contract for reference tokens, this option is for you.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help!

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View your Raggies, stake them, participate in Rehoming and RaggieShrine raffles all in one place!

💌 Loved by projects and individuals in Cardano.

" Our experience with CryptoRaggies was great! They built us a custom sale website for our $Angels token sale. The website had all of the best details, like count down timers, multi stage WL and sale tabs all separate, a token reserve system that showed reserved and remaining tokens. They were quick to respond and adapt to any changes we needed. They're a truly impressive team of cool cats "

Angel Finance

" The team has been amazing. Created our Marketplace and frontend UI in a seamless process. Any bugs were fixed immediately as well as extra requests added with ease. A trusted service provider in the space would recommend. "


" The CryptoRaggies team is a top notch team and are true innovators in this space... if you're looking for a minting partner that will offer you dedication, innovation and ensure you a seamless minting experience then look no further than the CryptoRaggies. "

Team Getaways

" They are a driving force within the space, providing invaluable tools for other projects within their own ecosystem. Their unparalleled support and assistance set them apart in the entire industry, making it impossible not to cherish the collaborative experience with Raggies. "


" Raggies helped WeirdOZ mint our WeirderOZ collection and the experience was amazing. We threw quite a few curveballs at them and they were able to adjust and work to accommodate our special circumstances. I learned that the Raggies team not only talk the talk but walk the walk."


" CryptoRaggies are an overachieving yet highly under appreciated provider in the space. We have had the privilege of using their minting service for two small community mints and they both went flawlessly. They provide top notch service, affordable minting fees and CryptoRaggie was personally available during both mints to ensure any issues that might arise were resolved with lightning fast efficiency. Anyone looking for a minting partner would be crazy not to come to Raggies first for all of their needs. "




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Proudly brought to you by Ragsters Productions.

We have a small team of highly dedicated and efficient members working tirelessly to bring innovation and value to the project. We work closely with our Discord moderators who are community volunteers who have been invaluable in helping us organise many of our events such as game nights and giveaways, and helping new members navigate through our project ecosystem.



Co-Founder / Lead Developer



Artist / Co-Founder / Co-Developer



Outreach Manager


Join us as we build the decentralised future of NFTs and celebrate the love for Ragdoll cats!

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